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    Traditional employment assistance programs designed for the structurally unemployed typically lack the capacity to address long-term problems in a coordinated manner, such as through mentorship, career planning and on-the-job-training. The solution is to reinvent how we address this challenge through innovation and leveraging available resources in a more focused effort that engages businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs. Community Ventures is a public-private nonprofit partnership created to hire at least 1,000 structurally unemployed residents from distressed neighborhoods. Initially, the program will focus on Flint, Detroit, Pontiac and Saginaw. The state’s investment in this effort will leverage additional public and private resources, laying the foundation for a sustainable expansion of employment opportunities for the most challenged communities.

    This initiative will meet a number of critical needs:

    • Provide real jobs for people with very few employment options
    • Address key barriers for employment
    • Provide a venue for additional services to prepare people for success – such as mentoring, literacy support and financial literacy assistance
    • Help people improve professionally and develop an employment history
    • Provide safer communities
    Community Ventures will support a number of different approaches to address these critical needs including:
    • Targeted business attraction efforts
    • Support for socially minded entrepreneurs
    • Facilitating public and private partnerships

    Through a variety of innovative models, job creators will be able to provide real jobs to Michigan’s structurally unemployed population.

    A major component of this effort is to partner with large urban organizations and their purchasing functions and identify opportunities for local suppliers. For instance, if a Detroit hospital is willing to have laundry services done locally, or to purchase locally produced tomatoes, or to have computers recycled, then these business services and products could help support or launch local companies that could provide the jobs to local poverty stricken populations.

    If you are interested in participating as an employer or a community-based partner organization please let us know by supplying your contact information.

    Community Ventures will adopt the best ideas and systems from the private sector to launch innovative local ventures that transform communities and provide real jobs for low income people. Through leveraging public and private resources and coordinating efforts among partners this program will stabilize neighborhoods, reduce crime and provide a path out of poverty for those who have endured hard times for too long.

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