MAT²Application Process

  • How to Apply:

    MAT2 logoThe application for MAT²® is an open enrollment process. Applicants must successfully complete all of the following steps in order to be considered for the next round of application and career fairs. Please note that these steps may require several days to complete. Please remember to frequently check this Web site for updated career fair dates and locations.

    Application Process


    • Step 1:
      Apply for admission online at a local community college 

      Current College Partners:
              ~Baker College-Cadillac
              ~Delta College
              ~Henry Ford Community College
              ~Kalamazoo Valley Community College 
              ~Lansing Community College
              ~Macomb Community College
              ~Mott Community College
              ~North Central Michigan College
              ~Oakland Community College

    • Step 2:
      Sign up to take the COMPASS / Accuplacer test at the same college in which you applied for admission 

      Applicants must complete COMPASS or Accuplacer testing with the community college at which they applied for admission. If students are enrolled at one of these community colleges and have not taken the COMPASS or Accuplacer test in the past year, they will have to re-take the assessment in order to evaluate their current placement.

           -COMPASS Prep & Practice Exams 
           -ACCUPLACER Prep & Practice Exams 

      Note: Beginning with applications for the 2015 MAT² programs, applicants can now submit copies of their ACT scores along with the online application if these scores have been received in the last 24 months. For applicants who wish to use ACT scores on the application, they may skip to Step 3. Colleges offering MAT² may still require students to take the COMPASS or ACCUPLACER exam prior to beginning the program if selected by a participating employer.     

      Qualification Scores for the MAT² Program 

    •      Step 3:
       Complete the online application

      Note: to complete the online application applicants will need to upload the following documents to their online application: 

                a) A scanned copy of either COMPASS, ACCUPLACER, or ACT Scores
                b) Updated Resume (Sample Resume)
                c) Any Letter of Recommendation

    *Please note that MAT² students will receive their school assignment once they are admitted into the program. The initial application/COMPASS testing location WILL NOT influence your MAT² school placement. All schools will share a standardized curriculum and teaching elements, so students can expect an equal educational opportunity at each college.

    *The information and testing results from steps above will be reviewed by the MAT²® application committee.

    If applicants do not meet the minimum requirements, it is suggested to take the recommended courses outlined in your Compass results report. Applicants are encouraged to retake the COMPASS test and submit their scores upon successful completion of the recommended courses for reevaluation.

    2014-15 Application Deadlines

    MAT2 applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis; however, it is recommended that interested individuals apply as early as possible in order to have the best chance to be selected by a participating employer.

    Below are the 2014-15 application deadline dates:

      -Early-Bird Deadline: December 15, 2014
      -Mid-Winter Deadline: February 15, 2015
      -Spring Deadline: April 30, 2015
      -Last Call Deadline: June 15, 2015

    Remember to apply early. 

    What to Expect

    Steps Following the Initial Application:

    1. Pre-Screening: All applications will be pre-screened for eligibility and qualifications before being passed on to employers. Applicants who have passed all requirements will be placed into the candidate pool and informed about upcoming events and employer review periods. Because program communications normally take place via e-mail, it is critical that applicants monitor their e-mails during the application process.
    2. Employer Review: Between January and June 2015, participating employers will have the opportunity to review candidate information through an online portal. Interviews and selections will also take place during this time frame. Learn some helpful tips on job interviews.
    3. Company Fairs: Most interviews and selections will be made through the online portal. However, a small handful of Company Fairs will also be scheduled during the spring and summer months to help match qualified candidates with participating employers. Dates and times will be communicated via e-mail to qualified candidates. Company Fair Tips & Information 
    4. Accepted Applicants: Accepted applicants into the MAT² program will receive a notification and job offer directly from a participating employer. Student-company matches will consider student and employer preferences. Applicants reserve the right to accept or decline any offers.

    Applicants who do not meet the requirements for qualification are advised to contact their local academic provider or community college for additional test preparation and advice. Applicants may also choose to retake the placement test in order to receive higher scores, which would enable them to be placed into the MAT2 candidate pool and eligible for review by employers.  

    *Information regarding the career fair location and interview schedule will be emailed to the invited applicants prior to the event.

    How to be a successful applicant

    This program is seeking applicants who are motivated to be part of a new and innovative technical education system within the State of Michigan. Acceptance into this program means being part of an innovative, leading edge approach to education. Completing the following are crucial steps towards being a successful applicant and part of this elite group.
    • Complete the application in a timely manner
    • Follow the application process
    • Monitor the website for program updates, tips and information
    • Monitor emails for program communications
    • Attend company fairs when invited-RSVP accordingly
    • Feel free to ask questions at any time by emailing: