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“I highly recommend the MAT2 program. Its innovative, state-of-the-art approach to skilled trades training is a great asset for our company. More importantly, our students are dedicated, hard-working and talented. Many of them will be future industry leaders. The investment is minimal compared to the benefits.” -Dr. Patrick Hillberg, Siemens

What is MAT

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The Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT²®) program is an innovative and industry-defined approach to education. Manufacturing and technology companies are experiencing a shortage of employees with the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to operate and maintain new systems-based equipment and technologies. MAT²® is an educational model developed in conjunction with global industry leaders that combines theory, practice, and work to train a globally competitive workforce.

The Benefit

  1. Allowing companies to “grow their own” employees and ensure a future pipeline of qualified talent.
  2. Direct employer involvement in the development and execution of a hands-on, competency-based education and training program, creating highly skilled, capable and readily employable graduates.
  3. Offering an economically feasible option to training, ultimately reducing recruitment, retention, and training costs.
  4. Establishing Michigan as an education innovator and global competitor.
  5. Creating a nationally accredited program, in which students receive an associate degree, along with other accreditations where applicable.

The Ask

MAT2 Gears MAT²® is currently looking for industry partners to hire students in our four program offerings that include Mechatronics, Information Technology, Technical Product Design and CNC Manufacturing. Reserve one or more training slots by March 1, 2016 for your organization in the upcoming MAT²® Fall 2016-2017 programs. Your existing employees can also take advantage of this great training opportunity. Notify your employees that your company is participating in the MAT2 program and encourage them to apply online.


2016-2017 Programs:

  • Mechatronics Technician
    Combination of electrical, mechanical, and electronic skills used to identify, analyze, and solve systems-based problems. A mechatronic technician will support engineers, modify machines, make minor changes, repair, test and provide maintenance for related equipment.
    2016 College Partners: Baker College-Cadillac, Henry Ford College, Oakland Community College Mechatronics MAT2 Curriculum
    Mechatronics MAT2 Curriculum→
  • IT Technician
    The MAT² IT program allows students to progress beyond entry-level positions as they move through the program. All MAT² IT technicians will be given instruction/on the job training that will allow them to install, troubleshoot, maintain, and update technologies, and communicate to both internal and external customers. The progression of skills will allow students to specialize in an area that is most relevant to their employer’s needs.
    2016 College Partners: Oakland Community College
    IT MAT2 Curriculum→
  • Technical Product Design Technician
    Technical product designers develop new products or modify existing ones. After learning the fundamentals of materials and production methods, students create and use internal and client presentations, 2-D drawings, technical documentation, 3-D models, and computer simulations to demonstrate design goals and make any necessary modifications.
    2016 College Partners: Mott Community College
    TPD MAT2 Curriculum→
  • CNC Manufacturing Technician
    CNC manufacturing technicians set-up, operate and produce high quality products on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. Program participants will be competent in blueprint reading, gauging and inspection, statistical process control, mathematics, safety, and machine tooling.
    2016 College Partners: Delta College, Henry Ford College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College
    CNC MAT2 Curriculum→

Next Steps for Interested Companies

  1. Submit Reservation Form to
  2. Review students in applicant pool using your login
  3. You will be contacted by a MAT² team member to schedule an Initial Meeting to discuss the program in more detail
  4. Sign a final Formal Contract that outlines Program requirements

Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT²®) Program

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