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    High School Seniors and Recent Graduates…
    Welcome to MAT²®!

    MAT²® – the Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program – is an innovative, industry-driven approach to education.

    Manufacturing sectors and technology industries are experiencing a shortage of employees with the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to operate and maintain new systems-based technology. The MAT²® program is an educational model developed in conjunction with global technology leaders to combine theory, practice and work to train a globally competitive workforce. MAT²® will provide you:

    • A three year training program with all tuition costs paid for by your employer 
    • On-the-job training with pay* 
    • An Associate's degree in a high-tech, in-demand field 
    • A guaranteed job upon successful completion of program 

    Do you have a need for skilled IT talent?

    This program was built to help companies find the talent they need, while also allowing young people to grow, professionally and personally, through extended company sponsorship. MAT2 is looking to expand its industry partnerships for the 2014 MAT2 IT program, and there are two ways to become involved immediately:

    1. Companies may interview the available students and choose to hire one (or more) for the duration of the program (3 years).
    2. Companies may interview the available students, and hire one (or more) for 8-week paid internships, which will start in January 2015. This option allows companies to “test drive” potential employees to determine whether they’re a fit with the company.

    There are several highly-screened, high-potential MAT2 IT students who are available to be interviewed for either of the above options. For each of these students, the first year of tuition is paid for in full, which constitutes roughly HALF of the total tuition cost over the three-year program.

    Interviews may be conducted any time, but selections must be made prior to the first work assignment, which begins on January 5, 2015.

    Learn more about this opportunity and to review available student bios. If you are interested in scheduling an interview with the students, please contact Ryan Hundt at



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    Access to training is easier than you think

    Graduating High School students, students currently enrolled in a Community College or 4-Year University, as well as anyone looking for this state-of-the-art education model may apply for this new initiative, supported by the State of Michigan.

    Through the MAT²® program, students will learn theoretical and practical skills in cutting-edge fields such as Mechatronics, Product Design, and Information Technology.

    Students will receive a salary throughout the program; have all tuition fees paid for by their employer and end up with an advanced associate degree. On top of that, there is a full-time technician job waiting for all successful MAT²® graduates.

    *In exchange, MAT²® graduates commit to remaining on the job for at least two years after the training period ends.

    Gain real-world competencies while you obtain your degree

    MAT²® combines state-of-the-art training facilities with a curriculum, specifically designed for current industry needs, and actual work sites to give you a vital and innovative competence-based education. Students alternate between campus (classes and labs) and company sites, acquiring marketable skills and valuable knowledge.  

    Program Overview

    Four programs will be offered at the colleges listed below. These colleges have the industry-approved facilities and equipment for highly specialized training. The participating companies are highly versed in the training content, ensuring the curriculum will fully prepare students for a successful career. 

    Beginining in 2015, MAT²® will offer the following program options to its students:

    Mechatronics Technician
    Mechatronics is the combination of electrical, mechanical, and electronic competencies, to identify, analyze, and solve systems-based problems. A Mechatronic Technician is a skilled individual, able to combine these competencies to solve systematic problems, while also providing basic solutions using a holistic approach. A Mechatronic Technician must be able to support engineers, modify machines, make minor changes, repair, test, and provide maintenance for related equipment.
    2015 Community College Partners: Baker College-Cadillac, Henry Ford Community College, Lansing Community College, Macomb Community College, Oakland Community College

    IT Technician
    MAT² IT technicians will utilize cutting-edge skills across software development, infrastructure, and IT security. Graduates will be competent in the technical, business, and customer areas of the IT industry, and will be able to successfully navigate and adapt to the dynamic technology landscape. The MAT² IT program provides a unique approach, allowing students to progress beyond entry-level positions as they move through the program, while eventually choosing an area of specialization. "Software track" students will be prepared for a role as a junior back-end and front end developer or data analyst. "Infrastructure" students will be qualified for roles as server, database, and applications admins. "IT security" students will be qualified for roles monitoring and diagnosing security threats. All MAT² IT technicians will be able to install, troubleshoot, maintain and update technologies, and communicate to both internal and external customers.
    2015 Community College Partners: Lansing Community College, Oakland Community College

    Technical Product Design
    The MAT² Technical Product Design program prepares individuals to take on job duties that are involved in designing new products or modifying existing products to gain efficiencies that will permit lower cost production or faster customer reaction time. The MAT² program prepares these individuals to meet deadlines and work within budgets while developing designs with colleagues and clients. They work closely with engineers, model makers, sales and marketing staff and other skilled people, often in intercultural or global teams. Supported by foundational skills in materials and manufacturing/production methods, program participants are expected to become competent in the use and creation of internal and client presentations, 2-D drawings, technical documentation, 3-D models, and computer simulations to express the design/manufacturing intent and make any modifications that emerge.
    2015 Community College Partners: Macomb Community College, Mott Community College

    CNC Manufacturing Technician
    CNC Manufacturing Technicians set-up, operate and produce high quality products on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. Program participants will be competent in blueprint reading, gauging and inspection, statistical process control, mathematics, safety, and machine tooling.
    2015 College Partners: Baker College-Charlevoix, Delta College, Henry Ford College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, North Central Michigan College

    Tech GraphicTurn a dream into reality today.
    Call 1.888.522.0103 or email us at to find out if MAT²® is for you. Applications for MAT²® are now available here.  

    *In exchange, the student commits to remaining on the job for at least two years after the training period ends.