Going PRO in Michigan
Students are Going PRO with skilled Trades!

Meet Frankie Najera. Amazing, second-year welding student and future professional tradesman. “If I have an interest in one field, I’ll pursue it. I won’t give up on it and I’ll just flat out rock it,” he says.
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Meet Kelsey Erne. Kelsey earned a debt-free education through MAT2, an innovative apprenticeship program where students alternate between classroom instruction and on-the-job training. “I love my job. I love what I do. And it’s a really great feeling to have that,” she said.
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Meet Delano Windmon. Delano is a student at Belleville High School and takes classes at William D. Ford Career and Technical Center. He’s focused on his automotive collission repair classes. He says the career tech center classes inspired him to work with autos – and pick up skills to use inside and outside the classroom.
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Meet Taylor Barnowsky. Coming out of Lake City High School Taylor will be able to go into college program with a lot of previous knowledge helping his chances of getting into the career he loves. “When I can successfully repair one of these giant machines I am actually very excited because I know someone else can do their job and make their money all because I could do my job correctly and earn my share of money.”
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Meet Lauren Millen.
Lauren started the Engineering Technology Program to try something new. “The career tech center is a great place; it gets you out and gets you to experience more.” Lauren likes being able to machine or print the things she designs.
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Meet Collin Reed.
Collin says career tech centers give students jump start in their career with the hands-on experience employers are looking for. In the agriscience program, he has learned many valuable life skills he can carry throughout his career.
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Meet Nick Welch. Nick started in the field of welding because his took the program in high school. “I hear almost every day people telling me about welding jobs that are available and basically a lot of employers looking for welders.”
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Meet Dylan Phelps.
What attracted Dylan to go into the building trades program was his cousin who did it and, right out of high school, got a job in the industry. “I like all the stuff we learn that we can apply to our everyday lives.”
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Meet Rachel Isom.
As a junior in high school, Rachel is attracted to the health care industry and wants to further her career in health care. “We do a lot of hands-on activity, which I love and I love helping, assisting other people as well.
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Meet Thomas Mitchell.
He’s a second-year student taking the machining and CAM program at LISD Tech Center. Thomas says he feels confident about going out, getting a job and building a career around machining after going through this program. 
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Meet Rylie Jenkins.
Rylie enjoys the hands-on experience she receives in the health occupation program. She also appreciates that instructors are industry experts and providing real-life examples throughout the course. Rylie hopes to become a pediatric nurse and, with this program, she says hopes to have a head start going into college.
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Meet Tori Batko. Ever since she was young, Tori enjoyed robots and how they worked. Through the engineering and robotics program at her tech center, she is combining classroom instruction with things people work with in everyday life to expand her career opportunities. Down the road she sees herself as an electrical engineer in the automotive industry or somewhere in the medical field, combining medicine and robotics.
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Meet Ashlyn Childs.
She’s not a woman in welding; she’s a welder who happens to be a woman. And she can hold her own in the field – and in the classroom.
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Meet Lina Lividini. A student at Melvindale High School, Lina learned valuable career skills as a culinary arts student at William D. Ford Career-Technical Center. She’s learning all aspects of the restaurant industry and admits career technical education has helped turn her life around.
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Meet Justin Beesley. Justin knows it will only take a couple of years to get certified and start to get paid for full-time work. “We definitely need new technicians in this field. I believe the starting salary is $50,000 - $80,000 a year, and that just grows.”
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Meet Isaiah Keeler. Isaiah has always been a tactile learner and likes to experiment with what he is learning about. “I would say it’s a great opportunity for anyone who would be interested. I’ve always been curious about the field of engineering you know I was able to learn more about engineering and now I know that’s what I want to go into for the rest of my life.”
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Meet Olivia Woods. As a young woman who has been around agriculture her entire life, Olivia has been able to deeply explore the agriscience pathway further and learn about the vast career opportunities available while in the agriscience program at Wexford-Missaukee Technical Center in Cadillac, Michigan.
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Meet Blake Barber. Blake has plans of becoming a firefighter and is taking a firefighter and EMT course at William D. Ford Career Tech Center. Coming to the tech center has been a valuable experience for him, he says you just can’t get this kind of career experience anywhere else in high school.
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Meet Donavyn Lovely. Donavyn is part of the building trades class at the LISD Tech Center. He grew up watching his dad who was a carpenter and it was very interesting to him. “It’s pretty nice to know that I made that, I can build that and I like that a lot.”
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Meet Sierra Orner. “It’s not boring, we are in the lab a lot and working with other classmates.” Sierra said of her program. She has already been accepted to Jackson prior graduation and is applying to Baker and Saginaw and will be working in Aspen as an assistant/receptionist.
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Meet Brendan Shaw.
Brendan’s mechanical background attracted him to the machining and cam class at the LISD Tech Center. “The skills I’ve acquired just really sharpens up your geometry and basic math.” Brendan is quite confident that he will do very well because of his machining career.
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Meet Tzadkiel Ponce de Leon.
After taking a tour of his local tech center, he decided to explore the health occupation career path through a hands-on program offered at his tech center. He’s excited about the various pathways available in the health care industry and is looking forward to exploring pharmacology next. 
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Meet Shianne Maynard.
In ten years, Shianne sees herself as either an aeronautical or robotics engineer. She has always liked piecing things together and taking electronics apart – there’s no surprise that she was a good fit in the electronics and robotics program at the tech center. Shianne says the career center helps prepare students for future careers using real life, hands-on instruction.
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Meet Nyanontee Cooper.
Studying at LCC in the MAT Squared program for computer networking and cyber security Nyanontee likes MAT Squared because she learns what she needs in the classroom and then gets to apply the skills on the job. “We’ve gotten the skills at an amazing place to get this qualification from so we are extremely employable.”
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