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    Type in the job title, keyword(s), location and/or radius you would like to search. Information must be entered into at least one of the fields presented. Click on the "Search for Jobs" button to see your results. If you would like to search by more specific criteria, click on "Advanced Search".

    Job Title: Enter a job title you wish to search for. Use quotations to group words together. Example: project manager - returns results with project or manager in the title; "project manager" - returns results with the phrase "project manager" in the title.

    Keywords: Enter any keyword(s) you wish to search on. The system will search for relevant matching information in the job description.

    Location: You can enter in a city or zip code where you wish to search for jobs.

    Radius: If you select an option in the radius field, the search will include jobs that are within the number of miles you select from the city or zip code you entered. The default to this field is "0" which means the search will only return postings that exactly match what you entered. An entry must be made in the city or zip code field for the radius search to work.

    Select "Advanced Search" to choose more search options.


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