Business Resource Network

The Business Resource Network (BRN) is a business strategy comprised of local companies that aim to increase job retention and job productivity among their staff.

Employee turnover is a substantial cost to employers. The Business Resource Network (BRN) is a tool designed to assist companies leverage resources, ensuring their employees’ personal needs are met and therefore, improving workplace engagement. Companies participating in a BRN have an experienced success coach that works on-site at each business as an extension of their Human Resource department. Success coaches may provide assistance to employees to help manage life’s challenges (e.g. child care, transportation, housing), so employees can be more reliable and productive. For employers, these services help to reduce turnover and create a more stable workforce.

BRNs are operated by the local Michigan Works! Agencies.

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In the Media

Northwest Michigan Works! has established the Business Resource Network (BRN). The BRN helps employers retain employees by giving them access to a Success Coach who helps them deal with challenges away from work that might be affecting their ability to do their job. Watch the video to hear from employers and employees who are benefiting from the BRN.

Success Stories

GST Michigan Works!:

An employee was struggling with depression and anxiety related to a family matter. It was beginning to interfere with their job, so they reached out the Success Coach for helping accessing therapy services. The employee knew their company offered some resources but, they were extremely anxious about reaching out to HR to get the information. They were really struggling with the perception that no one will understand, and everyone would judge them because of their disorder. This is common with people struggling with depression and anxiety. The Success Coach was able to help the employee connect with HR in a confidential way that enabled them to get the help they needed. The employee was very grateful that they had a way to access the information without revealing their situation to anyone at work. They reported feeling so much better and doing better at work because they could get help and their confidentiality was intact.