Students, Parents & Educators

A far cry from just a generation ago, today’s Skilled Trades offer an array of opportunities that challenge both mind and body. And not only in traditional fields, like construction and advanced manufacturing, but also in new and emerging fields, including healthcare and information technology.

College Students

Career. It’s a pretty daunting word, especially when you’re being asked to decide something that could affect much of your working life. For many, Skilled Trades often provide a faster and more affordable path to employment than a four-year degree.

6th - 12th Grade Students

Beyond what you learn in the classroom, you might also be discovering your own interests and passions. Do you like technology? Working with others? Making good money? A career in Skilled Trades could be just the thing for you.

Parents & Educators

What’s best for our kids? When it comes to careers, one path does not fit all. While many will pursue a four-year degree, others may be better suited for something else. Something different. Something like today’s Skilled Trades.

Exploration Camps and Programs in Michigan

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Post-Secondary Education Opportunities

Educational institutions that offer Skilled Trades training and programs.

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A welder clad in protective gear including a welding mask, gloves, and a jumpsuit, operating a torch amidst a shower of sparks.

Registered Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career training program in which employers develop and prepare Michigan’s future workforce while apprentices gain paid work experience, related classroom instruction and a national industry-recognized credential upon program completion.

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