For those just entering the workforce or transitioning to a new field, internships offer a terrific opportunity to get your foot in the door. Often internships provide the springboard to a full-time or permanent position within the company or your field of interest. In addition to finding paid or unpaid internships on Pure Michigan Talent Connect, please also consider the below resources.

State of Michigan Internship Program→
The State of Michigan Internship Program provides a wonderful opportunity for students to gain real world experience with the largest employer in Michigan.

Wounded Veterans Internship Program→
Wounded veterans who cannot return to their previous civilian jobs after serving in combat can find placement opportunities with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) through a grant provided by the Federal Highway Administration. This program is being implemented to meet the employment needs of returning wounded veterans of the armed forces as they transition into the civilian workforce.

The bottom line: whether you are just starting your career or looking to move to a new industry, one of the best ways to learn key skills and grow your network is through an internship program.