Career Exploration and Awareness Toolkit

This toolkit includes a variety of materials that you can use to help your audiences determine the best path to a career and even fuel their imaginations for Career Exploration.

Pathfinder Toolkit

The Pathfinder Promotional Toolkit – Everything you need to promote the use of Pathfinder in your community.

Career Exploration & Awareness Month Promotional Toolkit  

December is Career Exploration and Awareness Month. If you’d like to help celebrate and promote this month-long effort to increase career exploration and awareness month, check out the promotional toolkit below.

Career Exploration and Awareness Month 2021 logo

Download the Promotional Toolkit 


MiCareerAwareness: Entrepreneur

MiCareerAwareness: School Counselor

#MiCareerAwareness: Judge Boyd


ExperienceSooner: Kalitta Air


ExperienceSooner: Petoskey Farms Vineyard and Winery