Career Exploration and Awareness Toolkit

This toolkit includes a variety of materials that you can use to help your audiences determine the best path to a career and even fuel their imaginations for Career Exploration.

Pathfinder Toolkit

Check out the Pathfinder Promotional Toolkit to help in sharing this tool with those who may find it useful. All components of this toolkit may be modified to suit your needs. There is also a zip drive of downloadable assets.

Download the Pathfinder Promotional Toolkit (PDF)

Download the Pathfinder Toolkit Assets (Zip Archive)

Career Exploration & Awareness Month Promotional Toolkit  

April is Career Exploration and Awareness Month. If you’d like to help celebrate and promote this month-long effort to increase career exploration and awareness month, check out the promotional toolkit below.

A diverse group of young adult students smiling while gathered around a laptop. Heading: Career Exploration & Awareness Month. Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity | Employment & Training.

Download the Promotional Toolkit 


MiCareerAwareness: Entrepreneur

MiCareerAwareness: School Counselor

#MiCareerAwareness: Judge Boyd


ExperienceSooner: Kalitta Air


ExperienceSooner: Petoskey Farms Vineyard and Winery