Information Technology

Like to surf websites? Then why not be the person who designs them. Whether you’re a web developer or a PC repair technician, an information technology career is never dull. Technology evolves at lightning pace, requiring fast-thinking technicians that not only stay on top of today’s challenges but look to tomorrow’s possibilities.

Possible career paths include:

  • Computer Programmers
  • Computer Support Specialists
  • Network & Computer Systems Administrators
  • Telecommunications Equipment Installers & Repairers
  • Web Developers

Did You Know

Key occupations in Information Technology are expected to contribute a combined 12.4 percent growth in employment from 2020 to 2030 statewide. Overall, the occupations are also projected to have more than 29,300 average annual openings over the period.

Several occupations in Information Technology are expected to grow by a considerable amount through 2030, such as software developers (22.8 percent).

Employment in Information Technology makes up 3.6 percent of total statewide employment and the share has been growing over the past decade.

The Information Technology industry sector has a median wage of $29.98 which is significantly higher than the statewide median of $21.73.

Information Technology opportunities are concentrated in four of the 10 prosperity regions.

Post-Secondary Education Opportunities

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